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Blades puts in a reappearance, and saves Wild Bill in the process. Megatron and Grimlock continue to duke it out, with Megatron having the upper hand. Then Flint orders Heavy Metal's Maulers to attack, which only serves to make Megatron even angrier!
Action Force Weekly 25
Simon Furman
Geoff Senior
Dave Harwood
Steve White
Release date
Autobots featured
Grimlock, Blades
Decepticons featured
Humans featured
Centurion, Airtight, Scarlett, Bazooka, Barbecue, Flint, Wild Bill, Heavy Metal
Origin of
Death of
First appearance
Locations featured
The River Thames, London's Docklands, England
Story synopsis
The River Thames, and a wet Blades emerges to gives us a short recap of how he went to London to find a Transformer life signal, and, in the Roman sewers, was attacked - first by Action Force, then by the Transformer whose signal he'd traced, Megatron. When he came to, they were all gone, so he headed topside.

With no time to wonder how Megatron returned and was now in pitched battle with Grimlock, Blades transforms and saves the earthbound Wild Bill, whose Dragonfly helicopter then finishes its descent in a fiery explosion.

Flint, unaware of Blades' actions, assumes the worst and calls in Heavy Metal's Mauler unit. They burst into the battle and close in on Megatron.

Megatron, meanwhile, has the upper hand on Grimlock and is about to off him when the Maulers attack. Flint shouts some support to them, and is shocked to find Wild Bill very much alive, thanks to Blades.

Wild Bill then explains to Flint that he has to call off the Maulers as from what Blades has told him, Megatron's virtually indestructible and they're just going to make him even more mad...
Another 5 pages of action, nicely intertwining the Blades thread with the rest of the plot. Thankfully, this issue sees the end of Transformers issue 125 regurgitation, which no doubt will leave more space for the actual plotline in the remaining parts.

Senior's art doesn't seem spectacular, but isn't dreadful either. He leaves a lot to be desired, though. For example, although the battle scene on the second page is very dramatic (and I especially like Grimlock's 'rubby-tummy' orientation!), what exactly is going on there? Megatron has just punched Grimlock, but he's looking at either Centurion going after the helicopter, or Blades looking shocked. Additionally, he's firing his fusion cannon wildly into the air. If he's looking at Centurion, then why is Centurion right next to him, judging by their comparative sizes?

At sporadic moments later on, whole objects that were important a frame or two earlier have miraculously disappeared! Wild Bill's Dragonfly wreck is focussed on when Flint tries to run for it, random debris falling about, but when Scarlett's calming him down, it's as if nothing has happened. Grimlock is being pounded on by Megatron, but as soon as the Maulers attack, he's vanished! It just seems that Senior and inker Harwood are rushing against the clock to get this crossover finished in time.
Character development
Blades, despite being in a surly mood, knows where to be and what to do. He's also pretty much gotten over the fact that Action Force attacked him in the sewers, as he freely gives them advice about Megatron.

Grimlock doesn't let up. Megatron has him on the ropes and he's still giving him lip.

Centurion. Was he running to catch Wild Bill's Dragonfly, or was he just running away?

Megatron is virtually indestructible.

Flint lets his emotions get the better of him, as he goes all out to avenge his friend.

Scarlett proves to be the level-headed one for a change, as she stops the bereaved Flint from running into the Dragonfly's wreckage.

Wild Bill, aside from being an acrobat it seems, finds Blades' information to be perfectly believable, despite the fact that he's a robot (like the architect of his downfall, Megatron).

Heavy Metal follows his orders unquestioningly. He doesn't seem to be clued in to his commander's emotional state.
Being in the River Thames is an unpleasant experience for a Transformer. It's also the only means of access to the Roman sewers for those who cannot see the big gaping hole Megatron made last issue.

Wild Bill is Flint's friend, as opposed to being "just another soldier."

Heavy Metal is the commander of a Mauler tank/MBT unit.
Good quotes
Megatron - "Any last words?" Grimlock - "Why don't you just go and-" Hands up who would've liked to know what ol' Grimmers was going to say next?

"Tear that metal freak apart!" Flint, not letting his emotions sway him there.
Bad quotes
"He was a friend, you understand? A friend!" Flint, getting all teary-eyed.

"AAAAAH!" Megatron being 'mad'.
The falling Wild Bill is shown to rise up just prior to catching Blades' skids. In reality, his heli-to-heli manoeuvre would have resulted in him being chopped up by Blades' blades.
Story rating
7 star
Art rating
7 star