On Earth, after a groovy Gi-Joe Crossover, Hotspot, Cobra (who now possess some nifty Cybertronian kit) and the Joes watch as Megatron makes off with the Ark and renowned scientist Dr Biggles-Jones (great name, luv). However, none of them realise that Spike, aka Fort Max

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The Insecticons arrive from Cybertron, and Bombshell takes control of a Hoover Dam worker. The worker, using Megatron, takes over the dam. Meanwhile Skids returns with Donny Finkleberg and news of the Autobots arrived from Cybertron (which Finkleberg obtained while still a captive of the Decepticons). Prime sees the story of the dam on the news and sends the newly built Aerialbots into action, although only Silverbolt's personality programming is complete. Meanwhile the spacebridge appears, along with Ramjet, Thrust and Dirge, and a giant drill that begins to bore through the dam. Damn! (see what I did there?)

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Megatron and the Combaticons attack a plant late one night to steal a piece of hardware called a hydrothermacline. Prime and the Protectobots are also there to thwart their plans. But nosy do-gooder human computer programmer Ethan Zachary butts in and suggests that rather than trash the place that they duel in a virtual world on his mega-computer. Megatron insists that there be a twist, that the losers' leader dies in real life. Thus the games begin...

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Jetfire and Finkleberg arrive at the spot where the Autobots arrived from Cybertron, to find traces of TF fuel. Meanwhile the Aerialbots engage the Decepticons at the dam, beating off the Coneheads and Insecticons, and combining to tackle the drill (which is to be used to send a massive water flow to drive turbines on Cybertron), but the bots' conflicting personalities cause problems. They are then threatened by the controlled dam worker wielding Megatron, but Bombshell's mental hold is broken by the site of the dam worker's daughter, and he instead fires Megatron at the drill. Defeated, the Decepticons retreat. Elsewhere the Autobots from Cybertron are revealed to have been captured by Circuit Breaker, who is now working for Triple I. The cow.

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In the computer game the 'bots beat up the 'cons and Prime beats up Megatron. However, the Decepticon leader is a sly old fox and tricks Prime using 'Afterdeath', a 'cheat' code for the game. Prime is, as ever, not easily defeated and still bests Megatron fair and square. Well not quite...in the real world Prime admits that he too cheated, by allowing innocent computer characters to perish when he sent Megatron falling to his doom. Behaving like a complete loon he instructs Ethan Zachary to press the button that will destroy him. Thus he goes up in smoke. With Prime as dead as a dodo, Megatron and his cronies leave victorious. The End...?

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