In the year 2346 an aging Rodimus Prime recounts to an eager student a tale of Scorponok, whose evil is apparently demonstrated by his ability to outwit Hot Rod. Hmm

Both sides have suffered great losses, and the casualties are sure only to mount. Flint, is a prisoner of Cobra and a "guest" of the Baroness, while Beach Head fights for his life against Frenzy. In the air Lady Jaye battles the deadly Cobra ace, Wild Weasel, but it is on the ground that the true cost of war is made plain to see as Optimus finally realises the extent of the horrors of Cobra. With this knowledge in hand the Autobots officially give their full support to the Gi-Joe commandos and begin preparations for the final invasion of the Terrordrome. However, just when things are looking up, Shockwave transforms and starts firing on the Autobots...

"No plan survives contact with the enemy." With Superion out of action, the carefully laid plans of the Autobots and Joes are falling apart around them. Unfortunately things get a bit hazy at this point as someone seems to have randomly taken pages and panels out of my issue - Hound and Wheeljack go off saving drowning soldiers, Snake Eyes and Scarlett run after Bruticus, Starscream gets shot in the 'ear'(?), while Optimus decides to confront Megatron for their epic duel by... punching him once. The Matrix explodes, the Transformers all die, evil triumphs and you no longer exist. *cough* I mean, this last issue should no longer exist. Yeah.

Reprint of the second half of issue 114.

Roddy continues his tales with a story of Galvatron


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